Dumb Starbucks

Michael Garner, a member of the band Hunter Hunted, stands outside “Dumb Starbucks.” Photo via Hunter Hunted’s Facebook page.

Los Feliz, Calif. is now home to a new coffee shop named “Dumb Starbucks Coffee.”

I stumbled across this gem of an eating establishment on Saturday night after the indie band “Hunter Hunted” posted this photo on their Facebook page. It said that this “Starbucks” looks exactly like a regular Starbucks – except everything has the word “dumb” written in front of it.

After fans asked for more details, the band commented, “Their sizes are dumb tall, dumb grande and dumb venti. They sell CDs… Dumb Nora jones [sic], dumb jazz classics, etc. Same menu, same barista uniforms, but anywhere Starbucks is written, [d]umb precedes it.”

Dumb Starbucks is not actually affiliated with the real Starbucks, Southern California Public Radio reported on Saturday.

Customers who arrived at the store’s grand opening were rather confused by the whole thing. Some speculated that it was a made-for-television prank.

Dumb Starbucks claims it just added the word “dumb” to its name because it was the only way to use the Starbucks name without getting in trouble.

That’s all fine and dandy, but what I want to know is whether their coffee tastes like real Starbucks coffee. I also want to know why Dumb Starbucks chose “dumb” to describe their Starbucks. Of all the adjectives to choose from, why choose “dumb”? Is it dumb because it’s expensive? Is it dumb because the coffee shop is giving it away for free (no, it really was giving away unlimited amounts of coffee for free on Saturday)? Is it dumb because it’s a dumb idea to steal a world-famous company’s logo and product (they claim they are just a parody of Starbucks)?

P.S. If you’re not familiar with Hunter Hunted, I highly recommend you check out their single “End of the World.” It’s currently one my favorite songs.

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