Hermione Granger’s Parents Probably Went to Jail

While listening to a mashup of the best Harry Potter soundtrack songs during a study session last night, I had an epiphany: Hermione was responsible for (likely) sending her parents to prison or a mental institution.

Remember how she erased her parents’ memories of her at the beginning of Deathly Hallows? Well, she didn’t erase other people’s memories of her. What about her neighbors? Her parents’ friends? Her extended family? They would all still remember her, and what would they think when her parents denied she ever existed? They would have become concerned once they saw that any trace of her at her parents’ home had been erased. Eventually they would have begun to suspect that her parents hurt or killed her. And then they would have called the police. The police would have called in some psychiatrists. There would have been some sort of hearing, maybe even a trial. And then the Grangers’ would have been carted off to either a prison cell or a hospital.


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