Fashion Flashbacks of the Future Queen

It’s no secret that my ultimate style icon is the Duchess of Cambridge (better known as “Kate Middleton” in the United States). We will undoubtedly see her sport some lovely new outfits over the next three weeks as she, Prince William, and Prince George embark on a royal tour of New Zealand and Australia. But before the Duchess charms us with her charisma and charitable heart, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of her most (in my opinion) lovely outfits.

There are so many things to love about the Duchess’s fashion. She is confident, yet modest. She pays tribute to tradition, but with a modern twist. She wears high fashion labels, but wears “high street” brands more often than not.

She is not afraid to repeat outfits. She is not afraid to wear heels (and as a rather tall girl myself, I applaud her for that). She is not afraid to pop into a clothing shop and pick out her own clothes.

She is always smiling and always looks effortless.

She’s just like us. Except she lives in a palace, has a fleet of Land Rovers, has access to priceless jewels, and is befitted with the most gorgeous hair that only a princess could have.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Flashbacks of the Future Queen

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