Anthropologie Shopping Haul

After the bar exam was over, there was only thing that I wanted to do: go shopping. So, on Friday afternoon, I made a bee-line for the mall and basically bought ALL the things from Anthropologie that I’ve been lusting after for years (and a few extra things that I bought spur of the moment; I think I had temporarily gone crazy). Whoever thinks that retail therapy isn’t a real thing clearly isn’t shopping at the right places.

All of these items – except for one of the candles – will be accompanying me to my new apartment in a couple weeks. So, I felt rather justified in making these arguably “big girl” purchases.

Here’s all my loot!

While Anthro has quite the selection of unique clothing, I’ve always been drawn to their “house & home” section. Their plates, mugs, candles, and lotions are lovely.

< White Lotus Salad Plate >     < Sissinghurst Castle Salad Plate >

< Vanilla & Fig Candle >     < Barr-Co. Fine Shea Butter Lotion >

This candle by Boulangerie smells absolutely divine. I’m usually not much of a candle person, but this is one of the few Anthropologie splurges I’ve gone for before, and it’s always been worth it.

As for the lotion, every time I went in the store in the past, I always made sure to get a little sample of it. I was super excited to finally purchase my own bottle for the first time.

Both the candle and the lotion are available exclusively at Anthropologie.

< Giraffe Trinket Dish >

This is one of those spur-of-the-moment purchases. I recently realized I needed some sort of jewelry box or dish, but I wanted something slightly unique and dainty. When I spotted this little giraffe dish, I debated whether it was truly practical. I gave in because I love giraffes because they are awkward and tall like me (really solid reasoning, I know). The midi rings, by the way, are older ones that I snagged from Francesca’s earlier this year.

< Voluspa Mokara Candle >

The label says that this candle is made of coconut wax, but it smells more like white gardenias. I bought this candle for my mom, who loves the smell of those flowers.

Do you shop at Anthropologie? What are some of your favorite items from there?

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