The Best of T#G

New to the Hashtag Generation? Check out some of readers’ favorite posts (well, I’m assuming these were their favorites. These are the posts with the most views).

I’m a Walking Stereotype
I’m in my mid-20s, I have two advanced degrees, I am not employed, and… I live at home with my parents. I’m basically the stereotypical millennial. Except I dislike selfies.

Learning How to Read for Fun Again
Somewhere along the line – probably the latter half of high school – I stopped reading as much. To make a long story short, I just didn’t have enough free time anymore. Plus, Facebook was invented. #loser #procrastination

Who Would Win in a Political Fight: Frank Underwood or Olivia Pope?
Now that we’ve all had a chance to watch the second season of House of Cards (if you haven’t, what in the world have you been doing the past two weeks?) and that Scandal has returned, I thought it would be fun to throw Frank Underwood and Olivia Pope into the political ring. Two fictional political heavyweights enter. ONLY ONE LEAVES. Spoilers abound. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

5 TV Characters’ Wardrobes I Wish I Could Steal
From whimsical to structured to professional to classic: these are ladies with to-die-for closets.

A Millennial’s Guide to Surviving Final Exams
You hear that? It’s the sound of being productive, interacting with actual humans, and eating healthy all flying out the window. Why? Because it’s that time of year again: FINALS.

But don’t worry, because not only is Ryan Gosling here to cheer you on, but I’ve got some tips to help you get through the worst two weeks of your life (this year).

Emma Watson for President of the World
Emma Watson’s speech earlier this week at the United Nations on gender equality gave me chills – and I didn’t even watch the video of it. Merely reading the text of her speech made me feel so inspired and empowered, and it also prompted me to do a little more investigating on the economic, political, and sociological treatment of women around the world.

Kate’s Top 10 Outfits from the Royal Tour
After almost three weeks, the Cambridges’ royal tours of Australia and New Zealand have come to a close. Now that we’ve seen the Duchess of Cambridge wear dozens of new outfits, it’s time to pick the top ten. These are, of course, just my opinion. 

The Endless Unpaid Internship Cycle
Unpaid internships have become the norm, but they are making it almost impossible for millennials to find real jobs even after graduation, according to a great piece published in the New York Times on Friday. Many members of our generation are finding themselves taking internship after internship – all while still hunting for paid and permanent positions in their desired career path.

Having a Quarter-Life Crisis? Calm Down, You.
We’ve all been there. You’re at some social gathering, maybe a wedding, a family get-together, or a night out with friends. You’re having a great time… UNTIL somebody says this: “Oh, you studied [insert any college major/master’s degree here]? You must have learned so much. So, what do plan on doing with that?” Your brain freezes. GREAT.

Mr. Affleck Goes to Washington
Foreign Policy broke the story earlier this week that actor/director/Mr. Jennifer Garner/honorary-Ivy-Leaguer Ben Affleck is scheduled to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Congo on Wednesday.

And while young staffers and interns are positively brimming with excitement, not everyone is thrilled that Affleck is going to be walking the hallowed halls of the Senate office buildings.

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