Out-of-Character Stephen Colbert Explains Where the Other Stephen Colbert Came From

In the pandemonium that surrounded the series finale of “The Colbert Report,” many people wondered what Stephen Colbert would be like when he wasn’t in character as eagle-loving, self-absorbed, ill-informed fake political pundit. Little did they know that Colbert has done numerous interviews over the year out of character.

In this clip from 2012, Stephen Colbert chats with Oprah about how “The Colbert Report” even came to be.

In this documentary footage from the green room of “The Colbert Report” in 2007, out-of-character Stephen Colbert meets with then-Senator John Kerry to give him a rundown of how “The Colbert Report” works. “Are you familiar with what we do here?” Colbert asks. When John Kerry replies that he is, Colbert quips “Well, you know that I’m in character, and I’m an idiot.”

In this clip from an interview at Harvard University, Colbert explains why fake-pundit Colbert works better as a conservative than as a liberal.

Delayed Reactions: Best Dressed at the 2014 Emmy Awards

So, this post comes a week late. I’ve been so exhausted after work lately that I’ve been rather lax when it comes to this blog. But better late than never. Here are my 12 favorite looks from this year’s awards, along with my snarky observations and useless knowledge.


CLAIRE DANES in GIVENCHY (via Hollywood Life),
KERRY WASHINGTON in head-to-toe PRADA (via Hollywood Life),

For some reason, I always get January Jones and Claire Danes confused, and now their red dresses have only made me double-take even more. I love both dresses, but Claire wins in a fashion-face off, mainly because of her fabulous hair (January, what in the world are your bangs doing?! They look like straw).

I was a bit on the fence about Kerry Washington’s ensemble. I love the Olivia-Pope-approved nod to Prada, but the silver sparkles on the dress make it look like something a pre-teen beauty pageant contestant would wear. However, I soon hopped off the fence because I think the random black panel is beautifully edgy, and Kerry’s hair and makeup are divine.


NATALIE DORMER in J. MENDEL (via Buzzfeed)

Look at all the fun color blocking! Also, nobody is more shocked than me that Sarah Hyland ended up on my best dressed list. She looks like a complete fashion trainwreck on Instagram, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how chic she looked on the red carpet.

Teyonah Parris (a.k.a. Dawn, Don Draper’s secretary on “Mad Men”) looks fabulous in this neon dress, and her whole look is so drastically different than her 60’s style on the show that I didn’t even recognize her at first!



Some of the more unique looks on the carpet. Kiernan Shipka is one of my fashion icons – and she’s only 15 years old! She is so poised and fashion-forward, and despite starring on a show like “Mad Men” for so many years, she seems to be so grounded (in other words, the complete opposite of somebody like Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan). #GirlCrush


MELISSA McCARTHY in (via Buzzfeed)

Janice Ian from “Mean Girls” sure does clean up nice! Lizzy Caplan’s dress was probably my second favorite look of the night (after Kiernan Shipka’s). The white train was an awesome touch. Also, this is the best Melissa McCarthy has ever looked. This gothic-looking ball gown is too pretty!

My July Playlist (Including the Current Theme Song to My Life)

After I get tired of listening to Kaplan Bar Review Lectures all day, I resort to listening to more entertaining (and sometimes even more depressing) things. Here’s a list of the songs currently on rotation in my iTunes and Spotify libraries.

  1. Hurry, Hurry by Air Traffic Controller (this is legitimately the theme song to my life right now. It’s super fast and upbeat, but neurotic at the same time. I LOVE IT.)
  2. Still by Daughter
  3. Tokyo by Lily Kershaw
  4. Just Be Mine by Cher Lloyd
  5. Back Home by Andy Grammer
  6. Forgive Me by Austra
  7. Holes by Passenger

Top 6 Funniest Moments in “Boy Meets World” History

The greatest TV sitcom of the 90’s was “Friends.” The greatest TV sitcom of the 90’s that was aimed at pre-teens and teens was “Boy Meets World.”

Disney is trying to recreate the magic of “Boy Meets World” with its spinoff series, “Girl Meets World,” but the latter has some pretty big shoes to fill. BMW was ahead of it’s time, in some ways. It was meta, it was filled with double entendres, and it never assumed that its younger viewers were idiots.

In honor of the masterpiece that is BMW (the show, not the car, you nut. Haven’t you picked up on that by now?), I thought I’d throw together a list of some of my favorite scenes in BMW history. Share yours below in the comments!

We’re gonna go by Friends-esque titles for these episodes, mmkay?

1. The One Where Shawn Uses His Horror-Movie Knowledge

This was the first episode of BMW that I ever saw. It was the Halloween episode one year when I was elementary school. I must have caught it after “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” came on.

The episode revolves around Shawn’s inability to cope with Cory and Topanga’s breakup. He is so distraught in class that Feeny gets mad and puts everyone in detention. When Feeny disappears, the group realizes something has gone horribly wrong. The episode makes fun of every horror-movie cliche in the book – mostly courtesy of Shawn. Years later, Rider Strong, who played Shawn, commented that this was the funniest episode they ever filmed.

2. The One Where Eric Wants to Fight Fictional Crime

After graduating from high school, Eric basically turns into a hermit. He watches daytime TV all day in a bathrobe and eats giant bowls of cereal. When his parents try to force him to get a job, he announces that his plan is to become a TV detective. He even comes up with his own theme song, which makes me LOL to this day.

3. The One Where the Show Points Out Its New Time Slot

Topanga is babysitting a kid named Billy, and Cory shows up uninvited. Topanga tries to send Billy back to bed, but he refuses, saying he HAS to watch “the Friday night lineup” (a nod to ABC’s TGIF lineup – the time frame when shows like “Boy Meets World” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” aired in real life). The exchange between Cory and Billy is priceless.

4. The One Where Eric Can’t Stop Setting Fires

Cory can’t decide whether Eric or Shawn should be his best man at his wedding. Eric’s attempts to convince Cory that he is the best choice go horribly wrong.

5. The One With the Duckies

Eric offers his interior decorating advice while his mom tries to select wallpaper for the new baby’s nursery. Not only do we learn that duckies are the “horse-ys of the ocean,” but we also find out why Eric is so weird.

6. The One Where Eric Decides He’s a Lawyer

Cory has to appear before the dean at a disciplinary hearing. The charge? He shoved a professor who had tried to make a move on Topanga. Eric storms into the hearing to save Cory in a rather dramatic fashion.

Pretty Little Liars was Renewed for 2 More Seasons… and Fans are NOT Pleased

On the same day as ABCFamily’s teen mystery drama “Pretty Little Liars” (PLL) was set to premiere its fifth season, news broke that the series had been renewed for an additional two seasons. While the show has a rabid fan base, folks were not happy that it will take at least another two years before PLL’s four main characters will figure out who has been stalking and tormenting them (a mysterious person who only identifies themselves as “A”) since the beginning of the series.

The showrunners of PLL probably were not expecting the following reactions from fans when they proudly posted the news on their Facebook page yesterday.

Some fans just want freedom:

Some fans turned to memes to voice their frustration:

Lots of fans are worried that they will be grandparents before they find out who “A” is:

Some fans have their own theories about how the show will drag this whole “A” thing out:

They are justing waiting for “B” to show up:

Personally, I think these reactions are both right on point and hilarious. The show is turning into a joke, and ABCFamily should end it on a high note rather than dragging it out. “A” supposedly revealed themselves in last night’s episode, but knowing the way this show works, that person really isn’t “A.”

P.S. I know I said I was going to be posting less frequently for the next few weeks, but this was too good to pass up on. Clearly I have no self-control when it comes to teenage soap operas. Carry on.

Please Stop Everything You’re Doing and Listen to This Song

I know I don’t usually post stuff about music, but this song by Lily Kershaw is too good not to share. It’s like the comfort food of songs: perfect on a rainy afternoon, soothes your soul, and goes well with a good book.

Beautifully simple, beautifully sad, beautifully sung.

P.S. If you’re a fan of the TV show “Criminal Minds,” you might recognize this song from the latest season finale.

Wanna Know How Much It Would Cost to Get Your Favorite Musician to Perform at Your Birthday Party?

If you’re looking for some form of entertainment for your next summer party, what could possibly be better than hiring your favorite musician for a few hours? Well, that is, if you’re a millionaire with at least $50,000 in cash lying around.

Data service company Priceonomics released a lengthy list last week of the prices famous musicians charge for private appearances. It’s important to note that the rates are based on information from a third-party booker that deals with collegiate concerts, so the prices listed below may be “negotiable.”

Surprising observations:

  • LUDACRIS “only” charges $60K-80K for an appearance, which seems rather low compared to his star power (as an actor, rapper, and producer). Fellow rapper B.o.B, who has had a few hits, but hasn’t been around as long as Ludacris, charges the same amount.
  • Indie bands like VAMPIRE WEEKEND and ARCADE FIRE cost a pretty penny.
  • THE KILLERS want at least $500K to perform at a private gig – which seems like an insane price, considering the fact that their last big single came out four or five years ago.
  • As Slate pointed out, white artists demand a significantly higher fee than their African-American counterparts. For example, MACKLEMORE demands at least $200K-$300K, while KENDRICK LAMAR demands at least $150K, PHARRELL demands between $125K- $175K, and FLO RIDA demands even less at $100K.
  • I refuse to believe that OF MONSTERS & MEN (whom I love) and ONE DIRECTION (who, I will admit, I do jam out to) charge the same booking fee.

$100K and up

$50K and upbookingrates3

Which musician(s) would you hire if you had the money and were willing to spend it? I would probably pick Mumford & Sons, Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay (but that price would make me squirm), or Train.