Sunshine Award

Award season seems to have arrived again, this time courtesy of Tales from 2L Hell. K, a second-year law student detailing the trials (pun intended) and tribulations of being a law student, has nominated this lil’ blog for the Sunshine Award. Of course, I don’t object (so. many. law. puns.). But I will object if you don’t check out her blog.


1) Give five facts about yourself.
2) Answer the questions your nominator posed for you.
3) Nominate other bloggers for the award.
4) Give five questions for your nominees to answer.

Five Facts About Mesunshine-award

1) I’m allergic to nature. An allergist once tested me for all sorts of environmental allergies, and the test revealed that I’m basically allergic to every type of grass and tree known to man.
2) I’m perpetually cold. Tiny space heaters are my friend.
3) I wasn’t able to move into my current apartment until seven weeks after my designated move-in date because of construction delays. I ended up staying with a friend (who is the most generous and patient friend you could ask for) during those seven weeks and commuted almost an hour to work every day.
4) I think my favorite color is red. That’s right, I THINK it’s red. I dunno.
5) I love picture frames, especially unique ones. I have oodles of framed photos around my office and my apartment. The more the merrier.

Tales from 2L Hell’s Q&A

1) If you could adopt any one animal (domestic or wild) to keep as a pet, what would you adopt and why?
If we are going to be practical about it, I would say a puppy, because duh. Dogs are furry little people, except they are better than people because they care more about their human than they do about themselves. But if I could somehow have my very own penguin, that would be magical. I love penguins because they waddle, they can’t fly (which is weird because they are a bird), and because lady penguins are total BOSSES (they leave their husbands behind to care for their eggs while they hunt for food!)
2) Pretend that whatever career path you’re on, you never chose. What new career would you choose to have and why?
Either interior decorator or graphic designer. I just love scouring websites and stores for decor, and the funnest part of moving into my own apartment was picking out all sorts of cute and chic home accessories. I also love playing around with Photoshop and creating posters, tweaking photos, and making artsy, collage-y wallpaper for my laptop.
3) What is your favorite childhood movie?
The Aristocats. It is easily the best Disney cartoon movie (Finding Nemo is Disney/Pixar’s best animated movie, in my opinion). At the place I interned at last summer, the interns all shared a workroom, and one day, we decided to play the Aristocats soundtrack while we worked. Yes, we were SO cool.
4) If you could eat one type of food (Mexican, Chinese, etc) for the next 3 years, what cuisine would you choose?
Italian. Man, I love me some pasta.
5) What is one legitimately bad habit would you like to break?
I eat out far too much. I wish I wasn’t so darn lazy and didn’t crave cookies and macarons all the time.


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Questions for the Nominees

1) What are your feelings regarding the book and/or movie “Gone Girl”?
2) What’s something you see other bloggers do that you think is strange, annoying, or dumb?
3) What was the last song you listened to (don’t lie and go listen to a cool or indie/hipster song before you answer this)?
4) If you could only have access to one social media platform, what would it be and why?
5) What’s the nerdiest thing about you (ex: your nerdiest obsession, your nerdiest moment, your nerdiest accessory)?

Weekly(ish) Retweet Roundup

Here are my summaries of some of the news stories I retweeted this week. Featuring: the French “ban” on checking work e-mails, the “Gone Girl” trailer, ‘New Girl”s Max Greenfield’s thoughts on ‘Scandal,’ and how millennials are screwing up their finances.

France Didn’t Ban People From Checking Work E-mail After 6 p.m. This is Why it Should Have | via The Washington Post

There were false reports last week that France had passed a law banning the checking of work e-mails after 6 p.m. Turns out that the “policy” was actually only part of an agreement between some labor unions and companies. However, the author of this article points out that France already has a shorter work week than many other countries – only 35 hours per week. This actually makes French workers more productive, less stressed, and less tired. Um, maybe us Americans should start doing this too?

Ben Affleck May or May Not Have Killed His Wife in David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ | via Slate

We finally got to see the trailer for the movie adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s mystery thriller “Gone Girl” this week, and every news outlet was abuzz. The trailer flies from one scene to the next – and doesn’t really offer too much background on the story. If I had never read the book, I probably wouldn’t even be bothered to watch the movie after seeing this trailer. Nevertheless, I’m still really excited about this film, and I think it’s so neat that Flynn actually re-wrote the last third of the screenplay so that even readers of the book won’t know what to expect.

Save Young People From Themselves | via The New York Times

New studies show that millennials are less inclined to save money for retirement – and they are less inclined to invest it in the stock market. That’s not really a surprise, considering how financially-scarred we are.

Less than half of people under the age of 25 who are eligible for 401(k)s take advantage of them. About 60 percent of people between 25 and 34 have 401(k)s. After watching the stock market plummet in 2008, most millennials have chosen to keep half of their retirement portfolios in cash (apparently this is a bad thing – for us and the rest of America).

Even the Stars of ‘New Girl’ Love ‘Scandal’ | via Max Greenfield’s Twitter

Learning How to Read for Fun Again

Somewhere in my parents’ attic sits a cardboard box filled with dozens of books from the “Baby-sitter’s Little Sister” series. My first-grade self stumbled across the series at my elementary school’s book fair.

This cover is absurd. Ways you can tell Karen is about to drown: 1) Where’s your oxygen tank, Karen? 2) Where’s your wetsuit, Karen? 3) What’s up with those two fish next to you that look like a bulldog’s head, Karen? 4) Where’s your scuba diving buddy, Karen? It sure ain’t that platypus/stingray hybrid creature in the background.

I LIVED for the book fair. I didn’t want to be a kid in a candy store. I wanted to be a kid in a book fair. Buy ALL the books, buy ALL the bookmarks with fuzzy animals on them, and buy ALL the pencils! Anywho, I don’t remember exactly how I realized that “Karen’s Island Adventure”  would be a good read (I do, however, remember that I learned how to spell the word “surgery”  while reading the book. For about the first half of it, I didn’t understand how Karen’s friend could possibly be having heart “sugary.” I thought the doctors were going to cover it in sugar, which made absolutely no sense. Yeah, I was dumb), but since I was like 6 years-old, there is an astronomically high probability that I just thought the cover looked pretty. That’s right, I judged a book by its cover. And guess what? It paid off, because I flew through that book in a day.

And so began my addiction to Ann M. Martin novels. I had always been a voracious reader. My mama taught me well. Bedtime stories were a must. I always checked out lots of books from the library. I borrowed “The Rainbow Fish” so many times that my parents bought me my own copy. It is now one of my most prized possessions. But I digress. Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah, my personal “Baby-sitter’s Little Sister” library.

I eventually graduated to the “Baby-sitter’s Club” series, but by that point, I had to check them out from the library because my “little” collection was getting rather expensive to maintain. I was so obsessed that I modeled my handwriting after the character Stacy’s handwriting (I know, I was nuts).

I began dabbling in other series, and pretty soon, I was a fixture at the local library. I loved going to the library so much that I signed up as a volunteer shelver every summer during middle school.

Surrounded by shelves upon shelves of books was like being in heaven. I was like a less cultured Rory Gilmore (“Nothing, nothing smells like that.”  “I’m sorry, did I just see you smell that book?!”). To this day, I love the smell of books. Once again, I’m nuts.

Somewhere along the line – probably the latter half of high school – I stopped reading as much. To make a long story short, I just didn’t have enough free time anymore. Plus, Facebook was invented. #loser #procrastination

By the time I reached law school, my love of reading was dead (#RIPBooks). After reading cases all day, the last thing I wanted to do was read some more. My hands were cramped from scribbling so many handwritten notes in the margins. You should see my law school textbooks from my first year. I switched up my pen colors and highlighter colors – because that was one of the few ways to make the textbook look remotely happy and fun – and the result at the end of the year was a collection of rainbow-colored papers. Yes, I am a nerd.

Torts-textbookExhibit A: making a law textbook look slightly cute by using a purple highlighter and pink pen
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