Spending Money: You’re Doing It Wrong

Listen up, Millennials. According to your mom, your figure, and now researchers, you’re spending money all wrong. Instead of using cash, members our generation are much more likely to use a debit card to pay for our overpriced coffee, the one-gallon of gas that we need to make it to work, and our tickets to the Dollar Movie Theater.

TIME reported last week that the totally legit-sounding website “CreditCards.com” has found that Millennials are ditching the Benjamins in favor of some plastic. While more than three-fourths of adults over the age of 50 use cash to pay for items that are $5 or less, only about half of adults between 18 and 29 are doing the same (no, they aren’t stealing the stuff instead. They are just paying with either a credit or debit card).

Using a card instead of forking over a small chunk of cash may be a bad thing.

Research has suggested that we’re inclined to spend more when we swipe. A 2008 study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that physically handing over bills triggers an emotional pain that actually helps to deter spending, while swiping doesn’t create the same aversion. As a result, the study found, cash discourages spending whereas plastic encourages it.

So, apparently this all means that we’re more likely to spend more money than we have since we aren’t actually watching real money disappear from our hands.

Other downsides to paying with a credit and/or debit card: apparently you become more focused on the benefits of a purchase instead of the price, and you’re more likely to overspend if there’s a “minimum purchase amount” requirement in order to use a credit or debit card.

However, “CreditCards.com” (I keep putting this in quotation marks because the name is just so ridiculous) fails to give us enough credit. Let’s be real: at least a debit card is better than paying with a straight up credit card. Money is immediately withdrawn from your account when you pay with a debit card, and if you don’t have enough money in your checking account, you’ll either be unable to make the transaction at all or be forced to pay a hefty overcharge fee.

Not gonna lie, I am far more inclined to use a credit card than any other method of payment. But I actually find myself more willing to spend money when I actually have cash as opposed to when I only have a credit card. It’s almost like I see it as loose change or something (like, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to waste a few one dollar bills on some junk from a vending machine).

Anthropologie Shopping Haul

After the bar exam was over, there was only thing that I wanted to do: go shopping. So, on Friday afternoon, I made a bee-line for the mall and basically bought ALL the things from Anthropologie that I’ve been lusting after for years (and a few extra things that I bought spur of the moment; I think I had temporarily gone crazy). Whoever thinks that retail therapy isn’t a real thing clearly isn’t shopping at the right places.

All of these items – except for one of the candles – will be accompanying me to my new apartment in a couple weeks. So, I felt rather justified in making these arguably “big girl” purchases.

Here’s all my loot!

While Anthro has quite the selection of unique clothing, I’ve always been drawn to their “house & home” section. Their plates, mugs, candles, and lotions are lovely.

< White Lotus Salad Plate >     < Sissinghurst Castle Salad Plate >

< Vanilla & Fig Candle >     < Barr-Co. Fine Shea Butter Lotion >

This candle by Boulangerie smells absolutely divine. I’m usually not much of a candle person, but this is one of the few Anthropologie splurges I’ve gone for before, and it’s always been worth it.

As for the lotion, every time I went in the store in the past, I always made sure to get a little sample of it. I was super excited to finally purchase my own bottle for the first time.

Both the candle and the lotion are available exclusively at Anthropologie.

< Giraffe Trinket Dish >

This is one of those spur-of-the-moment purchases. I recently realized I needed some sort of jewelry box or dish, but I wanted something slightly unique and dainty. When I spotted this little giraffe dish, I debated whether it was truly practical. I gave in because I love giraffes because they are awkward and tall like me (really solid reasoning, I know). The midi rings, by the way, are older ones that I snagged from Francesca’s earlier this year.

< Voluspa Mokara Candle >

The label says that this candle is made of coconut wax, but it smells more like white gardenias. I bought this candle for my mom, who loves the smell of those flowers.

Do you shop at Anthropologie? What are some of your favorite items from there?