Hey Thought Catalog, Get Off Your High Horse & Stop Complaining About Millennials

I ran across a whiny Thought Catalog article today titled “When Are 20-Somethings Going to Get Over Themselves?” that seriously irked me.

The 21-year-old author literally starts off her piece with this hypocritical statement: “I cannot bear another whimsical article about being a twenty something.” She then proceeds to complain about being a twenty-something. She basically hates her own generation.

She claims that
–    we “moan” about walking to class on Facebook
(My response: I’m a recent grad of a huge public university, and I don’t remember any of my Facebook friends whining about walking to class. I’m wondering what horrible people this girl is Facebook friends with. And even if they do whine, maybe they have a good reason for it. I mean, the weather this year has been dreadful.)
–    we hate going to school
(My response: based on the fact that we are the most educated generation in American history, I’m going to say that she’s probably wrong about this)
–    we don’t volunteer
(My response: clearly she’s never heard of unpaid internships and how common they’ve become within the past decade)
–    we don’t write enough
(My response: I guess blogging, posting documentaries on YouTube, etc. doesn’t count as writing unless you’re writer for Thought Catalog)

I’m not a fan of Thought Catalog. The articles are filled with pretentious, self-absorbed twenty-somethings who claim that they are sick of our generation – their own generation. The writers pat themselves on the back because they are under the false impression that their writing is somehow deep or going to change the world. It’s not. They could be writing thought provoking pieces on real issues, but instead they are just a egotistical version of Buzzfeed.

Don’t believe me? Here are some examples of Thought Catalog articles that sound like they could be Buzzfeed listicles: “21 Secret Struggles of Being a Girly Girl,” “The 5 Things to Look for in a Significant Other,” and “9 People You Become on Payday.”

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE Buzzfeed. But Buzzfeed doesn’t claim that its “mission” is “archival.” It also doesn’t claim that it aims to “shape culture.” You know who does claim that it has that mission? Thought Catalog.

At least Buzzfeed is aware of what it’s doing. It’s not trying to be thought provoking. It’s just trying to be a form of entertainment. Thought Catalog is doing the exact same thing, but with less GIFs and a greater sense of superiority.

*for the record, I don’t think my blog is going to change the world either – although it would be flipping awesome if it did.