My Favorite YouTubers

Featuring: Extremely Decent, Simon’s Cat, Thatcher Joe, Zoella, Jenna Marbles, and Marcus Butler.

British siblings Zoe and Joe both have YouTube channels with over 5 million subscribers between the two of them. Zoe filmed Joe trying to do her makeup without any instructions. In return, Joe had to let Zoe put makeup on him and post it on his channel. Hilarious. Zoe’s channel is called Zoella, and Joe’s is called ThatcherJoe – because he is literally a roof thatcher (I didn’t even know those still existed in places like England).

The makers of this video, Extremely Decent, are actually a group of comedians living in L.A. They don’t put out videos too often, but when they do, they are marvelous. I highly recommend you also check out their video “A Facebook Update in Real Life.”

Simon’s Cat is a collection of short animated clips about… well, cats’ antics. The drawings are fairly simple, but spot-on and pretty amusing.

Jenna Marbles: the Queen of YouTube. Her videos are basically social commentary with a lot of sass. She also has the two weirdest, awkwardest, and somehow still most adorable dogs ever, Kermit and Marbles, who always make an appearance at the end of her videos.

Here’s a video collab. that Joe did with Alfie from PointlessBlog. They basically play hot potato with a ball that randomly shoots off electric shocks. Panic ensues – particularly when Alfie realizes he only knows four Harry Potter characters.

Here’s a video collab. on Marcus Butler’s channel. Two 20-somethings try to cut each other’s hair. There’s a lot of freaking out and a lot of fake girly voices. “Dude, your fringe is RIDICULOUS! I’m going to give it a feathered look.” “NO! I don’t want a feathered look!”