Beautiful Bloggers

Y’all, I know my little blog hasn’t been around for very long, so I’m incredibly honored that Hannah at Put the Kettle On has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award!

To be quite honest, I started this blog on a whim at what was probably the least convenient time possible, but I’m so excited at all the positive feedback I’ve had over the past three months. Hopefully I can continue to offer some inspirational, thought-provoking, entertaining, and funny posts for many more months to come.

Now it’s time for me to return the favor. As per the rules of the award process, here are my seven nominees for the Beautiful Blogger Award (drumroll please):

1) In the Heart of Laughter – I love how honest and well-spoken (or should I say well-written?) Elena is in her posts. Her open letter to Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o was inspiring, and her discussion of rejection was thought provoking. Do yourself a favor and follow this truly beautiful blog!

2) Love and Sparkles – This blog just makes me happy, pure and simple. From how to create the perfect winged eyeliner (seriously, I’ve been trying to learn this FOREVER, and I think I may finally have gotten the hang of it) to book reviews to just anecdotes about life, Love and Sparkles is just as informative and fun as it is well-written. Um, can you tell I totally love it?

3) C to C Friendspirations – Cat and Cristy are two friends who use this blog as a way to not only keep in touch, but to share some great quotes, design ideas, and recipes with the rest of us lucky readers.

4) Style & Expect – This is a fashion blog that features outfits that are as fashion-forward and fun as they are affordable. Joana is a fashion-designer and businesswoman who uses her wardrobe and beautiful photography to give us all a little bit of style inspiration.

5) Something In Law School – A first-year law student blogs about the trials and tribulations of going through law school. This blogger isn’t afraid to tell you how it is: how frustrating and terrifying law school can be at one moment, and how those same aspects of law school can drive your desire to succeed even more. If you are a law student, a lawyer, or a prospective law student, you should definitely check this blog out.

6) Harp On Life – This is a charming lifestyle blog run by three lovely young ladies – Erika, Gina, and Caroline – that’s filled with yummy recipes (I’ve definitely got a couple of their recipes bookmarked!), makeup tips, career advice, and design ideas. It’s like what I wish my blog could be when it grows up.

7) Duchess-at-Large – As someone who is both a bit of a history nerd and a 20-something who is still fascinated with princesses, I adore Duchess at Large. It focuses not only on the British royal family, but other royals around the world as well. A number of the posts offer some interesting historical context, such as old royal family photos and recaps of royal romances.

P.S. If I could nominate Put the Kettle On, I absolutely would. It’s one of those blogs that puts a smile on your face! Hannah offers a great mix of new music, a look at some of the chic-est clothes and pieces of decor she’s discovered, and personal posts. The best part of Hannah’s blog are the posts about her adventures around England. Her stunning photographs alone make me want to hop over the pond and spend a few weeks in the English countryside! #wanderlust

12 thoughts on “Beautiful Bloggers

  1. Aisha thank you so much! I’ve been nominated to blogger awards a couple of times, but no one has ever written something so nice about my blog! :’) I’m so touched, especially because lately I’ve been wondering if someone ever reads my blog or even looks at the pictures, and now I see one reader’s appreciation — and it feels so good!

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  2. Thank you so much Aisha for nominating Harp On Life! We’re so happy you’re enjoying the blog and absolutely love your write up. We’ll be sure to start following thehashtaggeneration too now. #HarpOn blogger love!


  3. Wow! What an awesome surprise to see that you nominated HarpOnLife! That’s so awesome and we appreciate it so much! #HarpOn #BlogOn


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  5. I am over-the-moon flattered by your nomination! I adore your blog and am so glad the world of blogs brought us journos in contact! Thanks so much and BIG hugs! Anna


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