Top 6 Funniest Moments in “Boy Meets World” History

The greatest TV sitcom of the 90’s was “Friends.” The greatest TV sitcom of the 90’s that was aimed at pre-teens and teens was “Boy Meets World.”

Disney is trying to recreate the magic of “Boy Meets World” with its spinoff series, “Girl Meets World,” but the latter has some pretty big shoes to fill. BMW was ahead of it’s time, in some ways. It was meta, it was filled with double entendres, and it never assumed that its younger viewers were idiots.

In honor of the masterpiece that is BMW (the show, not the car, you nut. Haven’t you picked up on that by now?), I thought I’d throw together a list of some of my favorite scenes in BMW history. Share yours below in the comments!

We’re gonna go by Friends-esque titles for these episodes, mmkay?

1. The One Where Shawn Uses His Horror-Movie Knowledge

This was the first episode of BMW that I ever saw. It was the Halloween episode one year when I was elementary school. I must have caught it after “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” came on.

The episode revolves around Shawn’s inability to cope with Cory and Topanga’s breakup. He is so distraught in class that Feeny gets mad and puts everyone in detention. When Feeny disappears, the group realizes something has gone horribly wrong. The episode makes fun of every horror-movie cliche in the book – mostly courtesy of Shawn. Years later, Rider Strong, who played Shawn, commented that this was the funniest episode they ever filmed.

2. The One Where Eric Wants to Fight Fictional Crime

After graduating from high school, Eric basically turns into a hermit. He watches daytime TV all day in a bathrobe and eats giant bowls of cereal. When his parents try to force him to get a job, he announces that his plan is to become a TV detective. He even comes up with his own theme song, which makes me LOL to this day.

3. The One Where the Show Points Out Its New Time Slot

Topanga is babysitting a kid named Billy, and Cory shows up uninvited. Topanga tries to send Billy back to bed, but he refuses, saying he HAS to watch “the Friday night lineup” (a nod to ABC’s TGIF lineup – the time frame when shows like “Boy Meets World” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” aired in real life). The exchange between Cory and Billy is priceless.

4. The One Where Eric Can’t Stop Setting Fires

Cory can’t decide whether Eric or Shawn should be his best man at his wedding. Eric’s attempts to convince Cory that he is the best choice go horribly wrong.

5. The One With the Duckies

Eric offers his interior decorating advice while his mom tries to select wallpaper for the new baby’s nursery. Not only do we learn that duckies are the “horse-ys of the ocean,” but we also find out why Eric is so weird.

6. The One Where Eric Decides He’s a Lawyer

Cory has to appear before the dean at a disciplinary hearing. The charge? He shoved a professor who had tried to make a move on Topanga. Eric storms into the hearing to save Cory in a rather dramatic fashion.

Monday Motivation: Life’s Tough. Get a Helmet.

The spinoff of 90’s sitcom “Boy Meets World” starts later this week. In honor of the series premiere of “Girl Meets World,” this week’s quotes take a little inspiration from a piece of advice Eric gave Cory during one of the earlier seasons of the show.


The 40-Year-Old Millennial Sympathizer

It’s no secret that Millennials get a bad rap – especially among folks in the post-Baby Boomer generation. This is why it was especially refreshing to run across a 40-something’s “apology” in the New York Times for his generation’s tendency to rag on us.

Op-Ed columnist Frank Bruni writes,

Among Americans age 40 and older, there’s a pastime more popular than football, Candy Crush or HBO.

It’s bashing millennials.

Oh, the hours of fun we have, marveling at their self-fascination and gaping at their sense of entitlement! It’s been an especially spirited romp lately, as a new batch of them graduate from college and gambol toward our cubicles, prompting us to wonder afresh about the havoc they’ll wreak on our world.

We have a hell of a lot of nerve, considering the havoc we’ve wrought on theirs.

Bruni’s article is a poignant piece on the many different ways our generation has been shafted, and he remarks what a shame it is that no one is doing anything to fix it. Here are some of my favorite excerpts and points from his piece:

  • He notes we’re not spending enough public funds and resources on supporting America’s youth. Quoting a former Nebraska governor, who said, “If we’re trying to figure out how to advance the next generation’s future, we need to be spending more on the next generation, and we’re spending it on yesterday’s generation. I am not the future. My 12-year-old son is. But if you look at the spending, you’d think I’m the future.”
  • “Employment figures… confirm a much higher rate of joblessness among Americans ages 18 to 29 than among the whole population.”
  • The government’s regulation of carbon emissions is nowhere near strict enough. In half a century, it will lead to disastrous consequences.

We conveniently overlook how much more they’ve had to pay for college than we did, the loans they’ve racked up and the fact that nothing explains their employment difficulties better than a generally crummy economy, which certainly isn’t their fault.

Millennials are by no means untouchable angels who can do no wrong. We are far too addicted to social media, we often demand and expect far too much, and we have a tendency to be rather self-absorbed. But that’s not all we are.

We are also the most educated generation in history, we are more adept at accepting change, and we are more connected to people all over the world than ever before.

Every generation has its quirks and its flaws. Millennials aren’t some unique generation that suddenly its elders disapprove of. It’s rather unfair that the generations that came before us (X and the Baby Boomers) are so quick to judge us – especially when those generations were placed under the same scrutiny and condemnation only a few decades ago.

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I won’t stop posting altogether, but I’ll probably only post twice a week at most. Carry on.

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